Face to Face with Christ
Revelation 1:1-20

Reflect on Your Life

1. Suppose you were to introduce Jesus Christ to a group. What would you say about him? What would you include in your description of him?

2. List all the names you can think of that the Bible gives to Jesus Christ. What does each name convey or reveal about Christ?

Read the Passage

Read Revelation 1:1-20 Revelation 1:1-20.

3. Describe how each name for Jesus in this passage affects believers.

4. John details eight characteristics of Christís appearance in verses 13-16 . List these characteristics and what each represents.

Realize the Principle

5. John is described in the Gospels as one of the three apostles who enjoyed a special relationship with Jesus. Of all the apostles, he was probably the closest to Jesus. How could John know Jesus so well and yet be awed by him?

Revelation describes a vision of our risen and powerful Lord. Meeting Christ might be an anxious experience for some; others might even decline if they had the opportunity. And yet one day we all will see him face to face, when he returns or when we die. It would be tragic for you to be unprepared, having neglected him during your lifetime. What do you need to do now to be ready to meet Christ?

6. The vision of Jesus shows us how he works in our life. Jesus walks among the lampstands (1:13) in a way similar to the way he works in the church. At the time, John was the one responsible for the churches named in Revelation. How would this vision of Jesus have affected Johnís attitude as he cared for the church?

7. John was also facing a time of persecution. He was in exile on the island of Patmos. How do times of persecution affect a personís attitude and outlook on life? How would the presence of Jesus, as he is seen here, affect the depression and disappointment felt by an exile?

Respond to the Message

8. How does Jesus make his presence felt in your life?

9. How is he moving through your life with awesome majesty?

10. This vision came as a surprise to John. How has Jesus surprised you lately? Why does he move in your life when you least expect it?

Resolve to Take Action

11. Which of Jesusí titles mentioned in this chapter is most meaningful to you? Which do you most need to keep in mind? What can you do to keep these characteristics of Jesus in mind as you go through your week?

More for Studying Other Themes in This Section

A. What is the blessing referred to in 1:3? How does it apply to our churches today?

B. Why was this originally addressed to the seven churches in the province of Asia rather than all Christians everywhere?

C. What does the appearance of Jesus tell us about his character and nature?

D. How is this vision similar to and different from those received by prophets in the Old Testament?

E. What attribute of Christ are you most grateful for? Select one, and express your gratitude for that attribute each day for one week.

This study is adapted from Revelation: A Life Application Bible Study (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1998), available everywhere books are sold.