Turning on the Power
Acts 1:1-2:47

Reflect on Your Life

1. Make a list of various sources of power.

2. What power source do you use the most? Why?

Read the Passage

Read Acts Acts 1:1-2:47.

3. When did the church begin to experience great growth (2:1, 2:40-47)?

4. What happened between the Resurrection and the Ascension (1:3-9)?

5. What happened between the Ascension and Pentecost (1:10-26)?

Realize the Principle

6. What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?

Jesus said that he would establish and build his church and that “all the powers of hell will not conquer it” (Matthew 16:18). In the book of Acts, Luke records the story of the beginning and early years of the church. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, these courageous men and women turned the world upside down. The secret to the early church’s growth was not clever strategies or attractive programs or personal enthusiasm—it was the power of the Holy Spirit. God still wants the church to grow, and the Holy Spirit is still available for believers. What keeps Christians from experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit today?

7. What did Jesus promise that the Holy Spirit would do in and through his followers?

8. What did these believers do to receive the Holy Spirit?

9. In what ways was Pentecost a unique event? In what ways can that event be repeated today?

Respond to the Message

10. To whom is the power of the Holy Spirit available?

11. How can a person receive the Holy Spirit?

12. How does a person become empowered and led by the Spirit?

13. What programs and structures in your church facilitate the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit?

14. What keeps people from experiencing God’s power?

Resolve to Take Action

15. Where are you resisting the prompting and guidance of the Holy Spirit?

16. What can you do to be more open to the Spirit’s work in your life?

More for Studying Other Themes in This Section

A. What evidence for the Resurrection is presented in Acts? What other post-Resurrection appearances are presented in the Gospels? How can this evidence strengthen your faith?

B. How did the Resurrection affect the disciples? How has Christ’s resurrection changed your life?

C. Why was it important for the disciples to see Christ ascending into heaven (1:9)? What does Christ’s ascension mean to you?

D. What does Acts 1:11 tell us about Christ’s return? How does the promise of Christ’s return affect us?

E. Where is the Kingdom of God (Luke 17:20-21)? How does a person become a member of God’s Kingdom?

F. Describe the first church business meeting (Acts 1:12-26). How does it corn-pare to meetings in your church?

G. Outline Peter’s powerful sermon (2:14-36). What can you learn from Peter about explaining the gospel to others?

H. For what purposes did the believers meet together (2:42-46)? Why did they enjoy the “goodwill of all the people” (2:47)?

I. What attracted unbelievers to the church (2:46-47)? What is attractive about your church?

This study is adapted from Acts: A Life Application Bible Study (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1999), available everywhere books are sold.