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How to Apply the Bible, pt. 2


Application is the step between knowing what the Bible says and doing what it says. The nine steps of the Pyramid Bible study method will enable you to study the Bible and then apply its principles to your life.

In “How to Apply the Bible, Part 1” we made our way up the left side of the Pyramid. The path to the top of the Pyramid narrows to a single point and a few principles, but the paths going down the other side are diverse and varied for each person and for each situation. Points 6 to 9 are as follows:

6. Present
This step expands the areas of application for the Point and Principles that you have extracted so far. This step brings the truth into your context, into today’s world, here and now. Ask,

7. Parallels
This step is similar to Present, except that it is very personal, addressing specific life situations, fears, hopes, and relationships. This is the time to explore all the areas of life where the truth might apply. Thus, you should ask,

8. Priorities
After surfacing application areas, select one that you consider to be most important—one that God is nudging you about. In taking this step, you are answering the question, “So what?”; that is, what does this passage say about how I should change? This involves asking these tough questions:

9. Plan
After pinpointing what needs to change, you need to take action. You need to answer the question, “Now what?” and put truth into practice by determining to change and then making plans to live differently. Planning involves selecting a goal, breaking it down into bite-size pieces, and getting moving! These questions will help:

Remember, a big difference stands between knowing and doing. So as you begin taking the steps to application, ask yourself:

Am I doing what God wants me to do?
Am I obeying him?

Be honest in your self-evaluation. Applying the Bible begins now, with you.

This article is adapted from Dave Veerman, How to Apply the Bible (ISBN: 0972461604), available everywhere books are sold.