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Why did Jesus die on the cross?

We live in a culture of death and pain, some of it caused by our own actions. We kill things everyday. We kill relationships with our broken words and actions. We hurt those we love the most so easily that sometimes it doesn’t seem possible for that to have really happened. Could we really have done that? Could we really have said that? Have you ever sat back after something you did or said and wondered what on earth had gotten into you?...

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John the Baptist: The Greatest Guy

Which Bible hero do you most want to be like? Brave Esther? Faithful Abraham? Wise Solomon? Before you answer, I should mention that Jesus long ago announced his choice for best hero from among all the people up until his time. Jesus said none was greater than John the Baptist.

John was a Jewish prophet in the days before Jesus began ministering. Every one of the four Gospels explains John’s purpose by quoting

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