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Isaiah 50

1 This is what the LORD says:

"Was your mother sent away because I divorced her?
  Did I sell you as slaves to my creditors?
No, you were sold because of your sins.
  And your mother, too, was taken because of your sins.
2 Why was no one there when I came?
  Why didn't anyone answer when I called?
Is it because I have no power to rescue?
  No, that is not the reason!
For I can speak to the sea and make it dry up!
  I can turn rivers into deserts covered with dying fish.
3 I dress the skies in darkness,
  covering them with clothes of mourning."

The LORD's Obedient Servant
4 The Sovereign LORD has given me his words of wisdom,
  so that I know how to comfort the weary.
Morning by morning he wakens me
  and opens my understanding to his will.
5 The Sovereign LORD has spoken to me,
  and I have listened.
  I have not rebelled or turned away.
6 I offered my back to those who beat me
  and my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard.
I did not hide my face
  from mockery and spitting.

7 Because the Sovereign LORD helps me,
  I will not be disgraced.
Therefore, I have set my face like a stone,
  determined to do his will.
  And I know that I will not be put to shame.
8 He who gives me justice is near.
  Who will dare to bring charges against me now?
Where are my accusers?
  Let them appear!
9 See, the Sovereign LORD is on my side!
  Who will declare me guilty?
All my enemies will be destroyed
  like old clothes that have been eaten by moths!

10 Who among you fears the LORD
  and obeys his servant?
If you are walking in darkness,
  without a ray of light,
trust in the LORD
  and rely on your God.
11 But watch out, you who live in your own light
  and warm yourselves by your own fires.
This is the reward you will receive from me:
  You will soon fall down in great torment.

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Im thrilled with the NLT second edition. . . .The attention to accuracy while being understandable makes the NLT the perfect choice for all churches called to grow people in Christ and reach people far from God.

Brad Mitchell
Trinity Church
Lansing, Michigan

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