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Hosea 13

8 Like a bear whose cubs have been taken away,
  I will tear out your heart.
I will devour you like a hungry lioness
  and mangle you like a wild animal.

9 "You are about to be destroyed, O Israel—
  yes, by me, your only helper.
10 Now where is* your king?
  Let him save you!
Where are all the leaders of the land,
  the king and the officials you demanded of me?
11 In my anger I gave you kings,
  and in my fury I took them away.

12 "Ephraim's guilt has been collected,
  and his sin has been stored up for punishment.
13 Pain has come to the people
  like the pain of childbirth,
but they are like a child
  who resists being born.
The moment of birth has arrived,
  but they stay in the womb!

14 "Should I ransom them from the grave*?
  Should I redeem them from death?
O death, bring on your terrors!
  O grave, bring on your plagues!*
  For I will not take pity on them.
15 Ephraim was the most fruitful of all his brothers,
  but the east wind—a blast from the LORD
  will arise in the desert.
All their flowing springs will run dry,
  and all their wells will disappear.
Every precious thing they own
  will be plundered and carried away.
16 *The people of Samaria
  must bear the consequences of their guilt
  because they rebelled against their God.
They will be killed by an invading army,
  their little ones dashed to death against the ground,
  their pregnant women ripped open by swords."

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13:10 As in Greek and Syriac versions and Latin Vulgate; Hebrew reads I will be.
13:14a Hebrew Sheol; also in 13:14b. 13:14b Greek version reads O death, where is your punishment? / O grave [Hades], where is your sting? Compare 1 Cor 15:55.
13:16 Verse 16 is numbered 14:1 in Hebrew text.

Im thrilled with the NLT second edition. . . .The attention to accuracy while being understandable makes the NLT the perfect choice for all churches called to grow people in Christ and reach people far from God.

Brad Mitchell
Trinity Church
Lansing, Michigan

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