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Read FAQs, your favorite verses, preview the NLT bibles, and learn about the scholars.

discover the nlt
IMAGE: Daily Walk Bibles For over 20 years The Daily
Walk Bible has been helping
people read, understand, and
apply God�s Word. More than
just another daily reading Bible,
The Daily Walk Bible has been
carefully designed to help you
gain greater insight into your
relationship with God.
Product Details
Unlike most daily reading Bibles, which rearrange Bible passages to fit a reading plan, The Daily Walk Bible is arranged to fit the structure of the Bible itself. This means that you can use The Daily Walk Bible in church, for personal devotions or for more in-depth study.
  • Each Bible book has its own introduction and chart showing the focus, divisions, topics, place, and time of that book.

  • Each daily reading includes an overview, an outline chart of the passage, a reflective My Daily Walk reading, and Insights to help you better understand the reading.

  • Every seventh day, four times a month, a special devotional feature will challenge you to Look Back over the past week, Look Up to God, and Look Forward to the next week�s readings.

  • Each day�s reading is referenced in two ways: by �walk� and by date. This way, whether you choose to start reading in January or July, you�re always on track. And if you miss a day, it�s all right � just take the next walk when you�re ready.
The Daily Walk Bible KJV Daily Walk Bible KJV

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The Daily Walk Bible KJV Daily Walk Bible KJV

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Sample Pages
See sample pages from the Daily Walk Study Bible
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Audio Devotions
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For me, the greatest blessing of the NLT is how it opens up the meaning and impact of the Scriptures to people. I think it is a wonderful translation, and a gift to the Church.

James Karsten
Grant Reformed Church
Grant, Michigan

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