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The Unexpected Gift
Whether they are stuffed in a huge box with a big red bow, wrapped in shiny paper in a tiny package, or delivered by mail in an envelope, gifts are wonderful to receive. Whatever the occasion, we enthusiastically tear through the wrappings to find out what’s inside. We expect to receive gifts on bir...continue reading

What Is God Like?
John 1:1-34 - What Jesus taught and what he did are tied inseparably to who he is. The Bible shows Jesus as fully human and fully God. It asserts that although Jesus took upon himself full humanity and lived as a man, he never ceased to be ...continue reading

Pointing the Way
John 3:1-4:42 - All who welcome Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives are reborn spiritually, receiving new life from God. Through faith in Christ, this new birth changes us from the inside out—rearranging our attitudes, desires, and motive...continue reading

Eyes That Will Not See
John 9:10-42 - Blindness was a physical disease Jesus healed. A common belief in Jewish culture was that calamity or suffering was the result of some great sin. But Christ used one man’s blindness to teach others about faith and his Fath...continue reading


“I recommend the NLT second edition because it is very clear and helpful. It has been a very useful tool in communicating Scriptural truths. I love the NLT!”

Rick Romano
East Hills Alliance Church
Kelso, Washington

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