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Money: All That Glitters
Change is never easy, especially when it comes to spending habits. It is more comfortable to continue our present spending habits than to learn how to use money more wisely. Fortunately, the Bible provides an abundance of practical instruction on using money. Sometimes it hurts to hear God’s instruc...continue reading

Parenting: It Can Be Done!
If you have children, you now that parenting is not always a fun job. As soon as you think you have your child figured out, he or she begins a new stage of development that is more difficult to understand than the one before! But no matter how discouraged or overwhelmed you may feel, don’t lose hope...continue reading

Stress: No Pain, No Gain
Family conflict, disagreements with friends, pressure on the job, health problems, and overdue bills—stress fills every corner of life. Though we may be able to reduce the amount we are facing, we can never completely eliminate stress from our lives. But where can we find help for dealing with the s...continue reading

Work: A Job Made in Heaven
You do not have to have a perfect job to serve God! Although God does bless some people with wonderful careers, he does not promise us a job made in heaven. This lesson will teach you God’s purpose for work and how to honor him, even in what the world considers to be an ordinary job. You will be enc...continue reading


“The NLT second edition was put together by a dream team of scholars and linguists and gives us a Bible that is thoroughly reliable and eminently readable. It allows the Scriptures to speak with fresh vitality.”

John Ortberg
Menlo Park Presbyterian
Menlo Park, California

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