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Pointing the Way view printer friendly page
John 3:1-4:42 - All who welcome Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives are reborn spiritually, receiving new life from God. Through faith in Christ, this new birth changes us from the inside out—rearranging our attitudes, desires, and motives. Being born makes you physically alive and places you in your parents’ family. Being born of God makes you spiritually alive and puts you in God’s family. Have you asked Christ to make you a new person? This fresh start in life is available to all who believe in Christ.

Reflect on Your Life

1. When was the last time you had to convince someone of something?

2. What was your approach?

Read the Passage

Read John 3:1-4:42.

3. What do we learn about Nicodemus from this passage?

4. What do we learn about John the Baptist?

5. What do we learn about the Samaritan woman?

Realize the Principle

6. Compare Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus with his discussion with the Samaritan woman.

7. Summarize Jesus’ message as found in this section. What does he say about eternal life and how to attain it?

Nicodemus came to Jesus personally, although he could have sent one of his assistants. He wanted to examine Jesus for himself to separate fact from rumor. Like Nicodemus, we must examine Jesus for ourselves—others cannot do it for us. Sometimes, however, Jesus comes to us. Twice each day, morning and evening, women came to draw water from the well. The Samaritan woman came at noon, probably to avoid meeting people who knew her reputation. That day Jesus was there, and he gave this woman an extraordinary message about fresh and pure water that would quench her spiritual thirst forever.

Respond to the Message

8. According to this passage, what happens to a person who dies without Christ?

9. What difference does knowing Christ make in the lives of Christians you know?

10. If you had been in the place of Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman, how would you have responded to Jesus?

11. In what ways have you gone looking for Jesus? In what ways have you experienced him looking for you?

Resolve to Take Action

12. What questions do you have about Jesus and his message as a result of this passage?

13. To whom can you talk or what can you read this week to find an answer to your questions?

Going Further

A. What evidence for Jesus’ deity does John appeal to in these verses?

B. How does a person become born again?

C. Why did Christ come to earth?

D. What happened as a result of Jesus’ talking with the Samaritan woman?

E. How do we know that God loves us? How can we respond to this love? How will you respond?

This study is adapted from John: A Life Application Bible Study (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1998), available everywhere books are sold.

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“I’m thrilled with the NLT second edition. . . .The attention to accuracy while being understandable makes the NLT the perfect choice for all churches called to grow people in Christ and reach people far from God.”

Brad Mitchell
Trinity Church
Lansing, Michigan

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