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What Is God Like? view printer friendly page
John 1:1-34 - What Jesus taught and what he did are tied inseparably to who he is. The Bible shows Jesus as fully human and fully God. It asserts that although Jesus took upon himself full humanity and lived as a man, he never ceased to be the eternal God who has always existed, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and the source of eternal life. This is the foundation of the Christian faith. If we cannot or do not believe this basic truth, we will not have enough faith to trust our eternal destiny to him. That is why John wrote this Gospel—to build faith and confidence in Jesus Christ so that we may believe that he truly was and is the Son of God.

Reflect on Your Life

1. Describe yourself without referring to your appearance, career, or accomplishments.

2. How would you describe God?

Read the Passage

Read John 1:1-34.

3. What are some of the specific words John (the Gospel writer) uses to describe Christ?

Realize the Principle

4. What did people know about God before Jesus came?

Communication is difficult without having common experiences or understanding. Ideas may be interesting, but they must be fleshed out to be meaningful. God became flesh in Jesus Christ. No longer do we have to guess what God is like or just discuss him as a concept. Jesus is God come to earth to take away our sins and to give us new life. If God cares that much about us, we can trust him with our daily concerns. Because Jesus is God, we know that what he says is true; we know that his death on the cross really was for sin; and we know that we should obey him and imitate his life.

5. How are Jesus’ words and life unique?

6. How are his words and life common to all human beings?

Respond to the Message

7. What does Jesus’ life tell you about God?

8. What evidence for Jesus’ deity does John appeal to in these verses?

9. How are you impacted by the fact that Jesus is God?

Resolve to Take Action

10. As you encounter the frustrations and difficulties of daily life, remind yourself that Jesus became fully human and experienced frustrations and feelings similar to yours. What will remind you of this fact this week?

Going Further

A. What does it mean to live in the light of Christ?

B. In what areas of life are you stumbling around in darkness?

C. According to verse 29, Jesus came to take away the world’s sin. In John 1:1-34, how does this happen?

D. What is new in the life of a person who has been reborn?

This study is adapted from John: A Life Application Bible Study (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1998), available everywhere books are sold.

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“I’m thrilled with the NLT second edition. . . .The attention to accuracy while being understandable makes the NLT the perfect choice for all churches called to grow people in Christ and reach people far from God.”

Brad Mitchell
Trinity Church
Lansing, Michigan

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