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essential guide to bible versions

This section serves as a guide to the English Bible and English Bible translations. This guide should help you understand key points on some history about important ancient manuscripts and significant English translations that have been made throughout history. The book, by Philip Comfort, Ph.D., can also guide you in your selection of Bible versions and give you direction in using each one. View each of the PDFs by clicking on the links below.

what are the differences in bible versions? do they matter?
where does the bible text come from?
how are bible translations made?
essential guide glossary

This tool will help you understand terms and words used within this reference.
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Dead Sea Scrolls:
A collection of very early (100 B.C.--A.D. 100) Old Testament and other Jewish manuscripts found in the late 1940s and early 1950s near the Dead Sea.
deuterocanonical books:
Ancient Jewish documents that are not considered part of the original canon of Scripture but were added later to the canon by the Roman Catholic church (deuterocanonical means "second canon").
1. The "scattering" of Jewish people from Palestine throughout the Near East and Europe.

2. Jews living outside of Palestine.

A manuscript which presents a text in two languages at once.
A "scribal corrector" who re-reads a copied manuscript to ensure accuracy.
A scribal error involving the repetition of a word, letter, or phrase, caused by the eye skipping backward while copying.
A family of texts (a text type) sharing similar readings to Codex Bezae (D). Also called the "Western" text type.
dynamic equivalence:
A translation methodology in which the translator attempts to produce the same response in the "target" language readers as the original language text produced in the original readers.

“When our church was looking to replace pew Bibles we wanted a translation that was both accurate and understandable. After much research, we chose the NLT. It combines accuracy and understandability like no other translation.”

Tony Siebels
First Church of God
Dewey, Oklahom

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