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March Madness

Last month a pastor friend and I were engaged in a passionate conversation not about church, pressing faith or social issues in our community, or even the devastating tragedies taking place around the world. I confess we were talking about college basketball’s NCAA tournament. He said that to him, it’s like Christmas.

It’s called March Madness for good reason. Not only are there tense mom...

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honest question

Why Does Theology Matter?

The first day of the semester in my New Testament classes (a general education requirement), I am greeted by upwards of 25 pairs of deer-in-headlights gazes and dropped jaws. My best efforts to alleviate their fear of diving into deep theological waters about a faith many of them have grown up with fail miserably. Yet we trudge on.

The difficult journey over the course of the semester is worth it. Many preachers and theologians will ta...

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