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Stability: Our Calling

For years and years I have wrestled with spiritual discontentment—a discontentment with myself—reading about such people as Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi. I wanted to do something radical for Christ, something big, something that made a difference. I wanted to be a reformer, an innovator, a somebody. Vanity! I felt as if the life I led was unsatisfactory in the mind of God. Did I disappoint him? Did God think I was lukewarm or l...

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Godís Rules in One SentenceóMicah 6:6-8

First question: What would you say is a good summary of what God requires of his people? Think about it. If you were to boil down what God wants from us into a helpful sentence or two, how would you put it?

Second question: What if it were God who gave such a summary? Would you be eager to follow his outline, whatever it might be, rather than your own? Do you think this would be easy for you or hard?

As you let those...

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