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Sins in the Sanctuary

The worship wars have hit my church. Lately people are fighting over how we should do worship services—the style of music, the songs and liturgy, even what the preacher should wear.

I don’t mention this to knock my particular church, but rather because deep rifts develop over these matters in many churches. Your church may be one of them. Or you personally may have left a church, complained about your church, or avoided...

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Saying “Give Me” to God—1 Samuel 8:5

It’s generally good to ask God for the things we want. It’s a way to show our dependence on him and treat him as the loving Father he is. But as with our earthly fathers, not every request we make is a good one. We can learn from some of the bad requests in the Bible—such as the time the Israelites asked for a king.

It’s hard to say whether or not a king was a good idea. Israel had been ruled by a series of ...

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