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Why Isn’t Following Jesus Easy?

Many of us have been turned off by the many Christians and Christian leaders who believe and preach that choosing to follow Jesus will eliminate all your problems. If the sick don’t go away well, you just didn’t have enough faith. This kind of God-as-Santa-Claus faith is not only wrong; it’s dangerous.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve come to believe that God’s job is to improve our lives. I’ve hea...

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Service: Communion with Christ

Why is it that the faster we pursue humility, the more elusive it becomes? Or perhaps we succeed in humbling ourselves before our neighbors in some good—in generosity or repentance—and pride creeps in through the back door. I am no expert in the spiritual life, but I understand spiritual failure. And I think the reason for our inability to gain humility when we desire it, the humility that we so admire in another, is because we make t...

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