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The Holy One: Our Burning Need

There’s a feeling I’m sure you know. It’s the feeling you get when you’re accused and you instinctively jump to defend yourself. It’s present in the way you do something good (or bad) and quickly look to see who was watching. It’s the need to be right—and recognized for it. We might call it an urge to display holiness.

Of course, every one of us falls far short of the holiness God created u...

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The Broom

John Davenport believes in sweeping away the dirt in your life. Davenport, owner of Hamel Brooms in St. Jacobs, Ontario, is one of the few broom makers left anywhere. I visited his shop a few weeks ago and watched him work. He estimates he makes about 24,000 brooms a year, selling most of them to hardware stores. Some of the equipment he uses dates back to 1947. Davenport can make a broom in about ten minutes, and he says the sign of a good broom...

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